Seeing the Beauty in All Things

Little girl in the beauty of outside playing with a waterhose

Parenting is one of the most beautiful experiences you will have.

As a parent we get to watch our little ones take in all of the beauty of this world and be a part of that journey with them. Being outside in nature is one of my favorite things to do with Annaleigh. There is just something about it, watching a kid be able to run off energy, explore, and be free.

Finding Beauty

One day in particular Annaleigh was off exploring and found a rock. As she looked at it with awe and wonder she exclaimed “Oh mommy it’s beautiful!” Now this rock in my mind was no beauty. It was bumpy, rough and covered in red mud but in her eyes it should be in an exhibit in a museum. Now of course I responded with “Wow that’s amazing!” but it got me thinking…

Rock full of beauty that daughter found

In life we view ourselves as I viewed this rock. We see a rock that could definitely use some reshaping, buffing around the edges and of course maybe some glitter to jazz us up. A rock that dare I say just isn’t enough. The way God sees us is entirely different.

God’s View of Beauty

God looks at us in awe and wonder. He sees a creation that He deeply loves. A creation He made in His own image. He doesn’t care that we are covered in dirt or a little bumpy. He loves us exactly the way we are flaws and all! God is proud to have made you. He sees the beauty in you and that little muddy rock just like Annaleigh did. He sees the beauty in everything and so should we.

Don’t Miss Out!

We get so wrapped up with other things sometimes that we miss out on these little gems that our own children teach us. Thanking God for always learning the art of boldly loving from my sweet little one.

Little girl excited about the beauty of playing in a pool outside


    • Alainawb

      Thank you so very much! You are my first comment on my first website!! I am sending you the prize of my love 😂😘

  • Ciearra Rosas

    I love this, u had me in tears especially talking about how we can be rough around the edges but that doesn’t change Gods outlook on us 😊 I’m so happy your sharing with us

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