Pregnancy and its Many Adventures

Pregnancy is a journey for sure.

A rollercoaster ride of emotions that you can never fully prepare for. Thank goodness the good Lord has blessed me with very easy pregnancies but it seems the outside forces don’t want me to get off that easy. I want you to know that I am not writing this for pity but for all of you to understand that my life that may always seem perfect is far from perfect. I deal with things daily but I just choose to look on the bright side which has not always been an easy task for me. Through these challenges and trials I have been able to learn and grow stronger. God has given me freedom and I rest in Him.

woman during first pregnancy

First Pregnancy

My first pregnancy was easy peasy. I worked the entire time and felt great up until I went into labor. I believe God blessed me with this because at the time my whole world was caving in. My family was going through extreme brokenness. My marriage was quite rocky. I was in search of a new job at 7 months pregnant that would allow me to bring Annaleigh with me once she arrived. It all seemed impossible to handle but God showed up. He found me the perfect job immediately that would allow me to bring my sweet one with me and still be able to support my family. As for my family and marriage well that took a little longer but He certainly restored and healed as time went on. Today we have been married for 7yrs and I couldn’t be more proud of the obstacles we have faced and overcome.

Second Pregnancy

Baby Webb #2 pregnancy I thought surely nothing can go wrong. Everything went wrong last time so this time should be perfect… I was so wrong. I was sick for the first 12 weeks but that wasn’t what got me. Since my first birth was a beautiful 8lb 13oz baby girl I have been treated as if I had the plague by my doctors the entire time. I know the risks and am perfectly aware of gestational diabetes and all of that jazz. Again I had a wonderful pregnancy with Annaleigh no problems, a great labor and delivery but bc I had a big baby I feel as if I have been punished. I have eaten significantly better this pregnancy which has show in my weight gain. I have drank my water daily but every time I go in I get raked over the coals. Why you ask I don’t know. I have tried my hardest to do everything right but every appointment I leave feeling defeated and helpless. I have taken the glucose test twice and passed both times but they still hound me. And to top it off, I have been told from 20wks on that they will probably induce me early because my baby is big?!?! I know I have done it before and am perfectly capable of doing it with the right team to stand along side me and do this thing.

pregnant planning nursery

Planning is Baloney

And this is coming from an extreme planner! You can plan your whole pregnancy out. You can get the nursery just perfect. You can have a perfect vision of what your labor and delivery will look like but life happens. I don’t say this to be doom and gloom. I say this coming from a fellow planner that its ok if it doesn’t go to plan! God will take you through those challenges and will bring you out of them restored and full of more knowledge about Him and His loving character. I was becoming so obsessed over my diet and overall health bc of these doctors. When I got that second glucose test (that I passed with flying colors) it was like Gods way of saying I’ve got this! You need to chill I’ve got it! Needless to say at 30wks pregnant I have switched to a totally different hospital and doctor group. As scary as that sounds I am confident I am now in the right place to bring baby Webb into this world. Follow your gut mamas because most likely that’s God pushing you.


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