It’s Been A While…

You guys life is amazing. When we think we can’t stretch anymore God proves to us that we can! He gives us the strength to get through every situation. Now that situation may not be easy. We may shed a few tears, scream, yell, cry, and laugh but we will get through it.

The last 8 months of my life have honestly been a blur. Motherhood is hard guys but I freaking love it. It has stretched me to limits I never knew I had. The things I have gone through have shaped me into the woman I am today and I am thankful.

I’m up to something. It’s scary, exciting, and quite terrifying but I am ready for the challenge. Boldlylove is going to be changing. It is going to be shaped and molded into something freaking amazing but I’m not quite ready to share just yet. You will just have to wait patiently.

Please Stay tuned for blogs and more info on what is to come. In the meantime please join me in praying over all of what God has in store for Boldlylove. Pray that I will continue to look to Him for guidance through this process as I can’t do it without him.

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