Connecting Together Because of a Little Babe

In the past week I have learned there is something about a baby that brings women together of all different cultures and beliefs. Pregnancy and birth are such beautiful experiences. The fact that a baby is formed in its mothers womb and that same womb protects it for 9 whole months! The baby is then birthed from its mother and from that moment on a woman is changed.

Mother and baby at birth

2 Cultures but the Same Love…Babies

This week I got to experience learning about two different cultures and how they celebrate pregnancy and birth. It was eye opening to see these women talk and share what they do in their countries of Vietnam and India.

My nail technician is from Vietnam. They do not do baby showers before the baby arrives. It is seen as bad luck. She did think getting baby supplies beforehand is very nice but not to do too soon. They also are very big about unmedicated births. She has had 4 children and her shortest labor was 2hrs! Personally I want to learn more from her.

The next woman I spoke with is from India. They do things similarly in that no gifts are to be brought until the baby is here. Their families are very involved and a part of the birthing experience. They celebrate pregnancy in many different ways, one in which I got to participate in. I celebrated my pregnancy by getting a beautiful piece of art to celebrate the life growing within me.

Pregnant mother with henna tattoo on her belly

Don’t Compare

Here we tend to complain and compare. We only give the negative sides of pregnancy and social media doesn’t help at all. We set ourselves up with all of these expectations due to seeing how others handle it instead of connecting as women. Do not compare your pregnancy! It is beautiful in its own way and no two pregnancies are alike. You may gain 50lbs (yep I sure did with Annaleigh) or 30lbs. You may get stretch marks or not but who cares! Yes, pregnancy is hard and there will be many rough days but the good days outweigh the bad for sure. Pregnancy is a blessing and I am going to celebrate every minute of it.

Henna tattoo on a pregnant belly

Get a Henna!

Getting my henna was one of my absolute favorite parts of this pregnancy. The experience of it all was just wonderful. Watching Noureen create this piece of art with all the intricate details was fascinating.

Sometimes during pregnancy women start to feel down and upset about their quickly changing body…the stretch marks, weight gain, enlarged everything! This piece of artwork captured beautifully the life growing within me. I️t set the tone and focus for the next 4 weeks as we patiently await Baby Webbs arrival.


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